Reynolds Lake Oconee Cancellation Policy


The Reynolds Lake Oconee cancellation policy will require Members to cancel tee times by 6:00pm 3-days prior in order to avoid a cancellation fee. The status of the cancellation policy will be posted the day prior by 5:00pm. When the cancellation policy is in effect and to avoid being charged a fee, you must have a valid cancellation number. Golf courses that are cart path only for 14 or more holes or there is a greater than 35% chance of rain on any given day will automatically have the cancellation policy lifted with the exception being Great Waters. Otherwise the cancellation fee will be $28 per player and the no-show fee will be $50 per player.

Note: The cancellation policy will not be waived due to cart path only rules at any of the golf courses for any tee time during Masters Week.

Great WatersUpdated 12:01 PM Cart Path Only Tee time as scheduled.
The PreserveUpdated 7:20 AM Cart Path + 90º Tee Times as Scheduled. Practice Facility open from 7:00-7:00pm. Grass Only.
The NationalUpdated 6:28 AM Cart Path + 90º Tee times as scheduled. Cove and Bluff are open today. Practice facility on the upper end. Driving range closes at 5pm for maintenance.
The OconeeUpdated 11:49 AM Cart Path + 90º Tee Times as Scheduled. Hole #12 is Cart path only. The driving range will close at 5pm to clean pick.
The Creek ClubUpdated 5/13/22 Closed Closed for maintenance 5/13 - 5/27.
The LandingUpdated 6:35 AM Cart Path + 90º Tee times as scheduled. Hole #13 Cart Path Only. Pin #2.